Short documentary for Vice News about the daily work and life of Russian pilots in the Democratic Republic of Congo.







Filmed throughout the Eastern Congo in the final days of a three-year war, "Maison Pour La Vie" weaves together three separate journeys: a coffin maker in Goma, front line footage of a rebel army in retreat, and a mass military funeral for officers killed in the conflict. 

Premeired at the 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival.





Democratic Republic of Congo troops assaulted positions of the M23 rebel movement on Thursday, a day after seizing their last stronghold, Bungana, in an attempt to finally break the back of the insurgency. Duration: 01:36





Trailer for a feature length documentary about a community of artists living in Kibera, Africa's largest slum.





Prospective ad for humanitarian organizations. Filmed in Nairobi, Kenya.





Brian Sack of America "Zoon" Ad