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The Daily Nation

12/20/11  photo spread of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

11/12/11  photo spread of controversial train wreck


Explosion Proof Magazine

Fall 2011  Photograph on back cover

Summer 2011  "Letters to Libya" and photograph on front cover


Columbia Political Review

5/4/11  “Two Months Later”

10/7/11  “Left High and Dry”

10/21/11  “Below the Battle”

11/4/11  “Kenya Hear Me”

11/19/11  “United States of Kibera”

12/2/11  “Me Against the World”

1/27/12  “Waiting, Sitting, Wishing”

2/10/12  “Getting Trashed In Nairobi”

2/24/12  “Kenya Dig a Cellphone Revolution”

3/24/12  “A Wider Lense”